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The ceramic relief murals of


1972 Spanish Fleet off Cadiz

Year Completed : 1972

Size : 1.8m x 3m (6ft x 10ft) & 1.1m x 2.4m (3.5ft x 8ft)

Client : Private Commission

Location : Ascot

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In the seventies we were represented in London by a company called Tile Mart and the company obtained commissions for us from a number of private clients.

Another private client wanted a cheerful mural in the small mansion built at the side of their swimming pool. We designed a pretend 16th century ‘map’ of the Spanish fleet off Cadiz, in the idiom of the mediaeval maps that we were doing for commercial clients at that time (see Plymouth / Froomsgate / Fleet Street). The pieces were embedded into blue plaster to form the background.