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Rochdale Trade Tokens

Year Completed : 1980

Size : 4 panels measuring 1.2m across (4ft)

Client : Laing Development Company

Location : Octagon House, 25-27 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, OL16 1RH

Current Status : In October 2014 we have established that these panels are located in Octagon House.

Rochdale Trade TokensThree of the tokens on one wall.Rochdale Trade TokensRochdale Trade TokensRochdale Trade TokensRochdale Trade TokensRochdale Trade Tokens

We often used images based on 17th or 19th century trade tokens in our murals. These were sometimes given instead of money to workers in a mill or factory and could only be used locally. Issued at times when small change was in short supply, they often depicted aspects of local industry so were good at recalling the history of an area. Approached to design panels for new offices in central Rochdale, we turned to this idea again. Tokens are very small - sometimes only the size of a finger nail. There is great satisfaction seeing an image this small enlarged to something about 4 feet across. Rochdale being in the centre of the wool industry meant that there were several tokens from which to choose. One of our panels represented a man working on a loom, the second a sheep and the third the crest of a local family. Unusually we made these panels up as roundels, echoing the original shape of the token coinage.

Lat/Long : 53.617772, -2.158601

Green - mural exists and with good access

Mural still exists and with good access it can be easily seen by the public


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