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BOOTY - Golden Age of Piracy Game

The worldwide game mapDetail of the mapAfrica with playing piecesExamples of three types of Booty cardThe playing piecesCaptain's resource board with ceramic markers


Dimensions : 112cm x 66cm

Booty is a piracy game devised by Daniel from Black Dog. The game was originally an ‘A’ Level project which has taken over 20 years to reach the final design. It has been played with a number of enthusiastic games players who have helped to evolve Booty into a highly enjoyable game.

You are a pirate and command a galleon. You travel the world gathering wealth and fighting off your opponents for a chance to win the game. Some luck, careful play and a little strategy should help you to succeed but fortunes can rapidly change. Be prepared for anything to happen......

A 30-sided dice provides fast movement around the map but you can use up to the amount thrown depending on what you want to do. There are 150 Booty cards with various stories and instructions about what to do: All Player (which are placed on the map), Rags & Riches (instant play cards) and Personal Mission (private to the player and have strategic value). The cards help to drive the game and the more that are brought into play the more exciting the game will be. There is no specific start or finish point. The finishing place is decided by a roll of the dice.

Daniel modelled up the treasure chest, ship, pirate counters and casts them in his workshop. The ceramic pieces for the resource boards are made the same way our decorative terracotta wall plaques. Daniel researched all the features that appear on the map. All the geographic names, towns, shipwrecks, mines, treasure sites and hideouts were all real and came from 16th to 18th century maps.

Booty is suitable for up to 6 players.

The game is supplied in a plain postal tube but a logo is included inside for you to stick on when you receive it. If you are feeling creative you could design your own cover/drawing on the tube.

The game is suitable for adults and children over 10 years old. A game is quite fast paced and normally lasts between 1 and 2 hours. The map measures 112cm x 66cm so you will need a good sized table to play on. The map is made of a durable plastic film which will last provided someone doesn’t try to tear or stretch it.

Postage Option is: UK £54.00 including signed for 1st class post. They are sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed, which is a fully tracked service. The game is not posted overseas at this time due to high courier costs, but you are welcome to email me and ask.

Daniel creates a few games at a time as each game costs quite a lot to produce. Before making a purchase please email daniel@blackdogtiles.com to check if one is available to purchase.

Please contact us to purchase.


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