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Stone Landscape

Year Completed : 1970

Size : 1.5m x 90cm (5ft x 3ft)

Client : Amey Roadstone Corporation

Location : West of England Offices, Chipping Sodbury

Current Status : In October 2014 we have had some correspondence with a person who was PR manager for ARC. He recalls that it was located in the reception area of what ARC called its technical centre, a single-storey building opposite the newer office block named The Ridge.

MURALWATCH - do you have any information about this missing mural?

ARC was taken over by Hanson a number of years ago which makes it much harder to track down who was working there. We would love to hear from anyone who was connected to the Chipping Sodbury works. The yellow marker is placed on what I deduce to be ARC's Technical Centre in those days (may be wrong location).

Stone LandscapeStone LandscapeMural on cover of Amey Roadstone publication

Amey Road Stone had quarries all over the country. They commissioned this mural from us, to be made up entirely from their aggregates. They provided the chippings in various sizes and from many different quarries. Only a startling white aggregate called Arklite, imported by the company from Norway, did not come from the United Kingdom. In addition to quarries, the company had gravel pits and provided sacks of pebbles for us to use. The soft muted colours of natural stone are wonderfully subtle. Together with the soft brown coloured pebbles we had in our palette the buffs and greens and greys of the chippings. The different sizes of aggregate could be used to define different areas whilst the harsher qualities of the freshly cut aggregates could be used to emphasise both texture and tone. The company provided aerial photographs of different quarries which had sweeping abstract qualities and I made designs based on these. The different stones and aggregates formed vivid patterns and textures and it was interesting for the company to see their products used in this different context. ARC was taken over by Hanson PLC.

Lat/Long : 51.546462, -2.400727

Yellow - present whereabouts of mural not known

Present whereabouts of mural not known. MURALWATCH - We need YOUR help!
Do you have any information on this missing mural. Philippa would very much like to hear from you.


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