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Four Seasons Obelisk

Year Completed : 1995

Size : 1.4m high (4.5ft)

Client : The Inner Wheel

Location : Grove Park, Weston-Super-Mare

Current Status : Still there in 2014

Four Seasons ObeliskSpring with the tree in blossom.A zoom of Spring with the tree in blossom.Summer with the tree in full leaf.A zoom of Summer with the tree in full leaf.Autumn with the tree bearing fruit and leaves starting to turn colour.A zoom of Autumn with the tree bearing fruit and leaves starting to turn colour.Winter with the tree without leaves or fruit.A zoom of Winter with the tree without leaves or fruit.More of the garden in which this mural was located.

In Weston-Super-Mare a Garden of Fragrance was being planned for the partially sighted and blind. Specially chosen fragrant plants and herbs were planted and the Inner Wheel, a local ladies’ group, decided that they would like to contribute to the garden by commissioning a piece of sculpture. The sculpture was to have a tactile quality and also rich tonal contrasts so that both the blind and the partially sighted might enjoy the surfaces and the imagery. Working in co-operation with our friend and working partner James Blunt, we designed an obelisk with each of the four sides representing one of the four seasons. A formalised tree is shown on each side. With blossom the tree represents Spring, Summer by stylised green leaves, and terracotta leaves and bare branches represent in turn Autumn and Winter. Engraved lettering names each season and pebbles form the backing to give a richly textured surface overall. We wanted people to feel the surface as well as to look at it. James designed a simple piece of ironwork to surmount the panels, again encouraging visitors to touch the sphere. The ceramic and stone obelisk has survived well over the years but unfortunately vandals damaged the ironwork which had to be removed.

Lat/Long : 51.352135, -2.981047

Green - mural exists and with good access

Mural still exists and with good access it can be easily seen by the public


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